d82581221b7f70f753d5cd0928c8474dCuracao selected as a top 10 destination in 2010

21 december 2010

WILLEMSTAD, Curaçao: Curaçao has been chosen as a Top 10 Destination for 2010 by Microsoft’s Bing.  Curaçao was the only Caribbean country selected on a list that included unique, global destinations such as South Africa, Malaysia and Morocco.

Bing writes, “The Dutch island of Curaçao is our top pick for the Caribbean this year, thanks to its gorgeous natural features (including wild flamingoes), a rich history and a unique culture.

Curaçao’s convenient location (just 2.5 hours from Miami), consistently balmy weather and  European look and feel has always put it at the top of everyone’s list of out-of-the-ordinary, atypical Caribbean destinations.  For instance, Curaçao’s capital, Willemstad is the only Caribbean city apart from Havana, Cuba to be ranked a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Willemstad also boasts distinctive Dutch colonial architecture with colorful, gingerbread-trimmed buildings that are always photo-ready. 

About Curaçao
With its pristine dive sites, secluded beaches, championship golf and rich local cuisine, Curaçao offers a little something for everyone – from the adventure traveler to those who simply want to unwind (and enjoy its perfect climate). Curaçao’s eclectic mix of history and culture is showcased in its capital city of Willemstad, named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located on the outer fringes of the hurricane belt this welcoming, unique island paradise is often referred to as the Caribbean’s hidden treasure.

Wat doet Joseph Cares?

“Joseph Cares” is een bedrijf op Curaçao dat gespecialiseerd is in diensten voor toeristen met een mobiliteitsbeperking. Onze diensten bevatten diverse Tours en Vervoer op het eiland met Mercedes Sprinter bussen waar u met rolstoel en begeleiders vervoerd kan worden.Wilt u genieten van een tropische vakantie? Kijk dan rond op onze website.


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