Package holiday

A package holiday consists of your flight, accommodation and transportation from Hato to your hotel. Joseph Cares books her package holidays for you on request, these are requests based on availability. The prices you find on this website are the lowest possible prices, it can happen however that the room of your choice is not available, in that case we try our hardest to find you the best possible alternative within the accommodation of your choice.

Travelling by plane can cause certain obstacles when you are physically challenged. We, like no other, know all about that and will provide you with all the necessary information prior to your departure.

What is Joseph Cares about?

“Joseph Cares” is a company on Curaçao specialized in services for tourists with special needs. Our services contain tours and transportation. We define ourselves as a company with high quality custom made services. Do you long for a tropical break from every day life? Take a look around.

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