Joost Nauta (owner and managing director of Joseph Cares) is involved in more initiatives.

Joost Zorgt - A home care organization, which offers custom made services in the Netherlands, Utrecht.

Bordercross - Bordercross Academy organizes motivational workshops on Curacao for teenagers with a cronical illness or disability. Thanks to the spectacular workshops and trainings the teenagers learn that they are more capable then they ever imagined. Obtaining their diving license stresses this.

Developmind - Under the name Developmind Joost Nauta gives lectures, workshops and coaching to organizations and individuals. Developmind inspires people to turn barriers into possibilities and to focus on things they find really important.

Christoffelpark Christoffelpark is the largest national park of Curaçao and a must see for everyone. The park has a rich variety of local flora and fauna. Nature lovers will find the park teeming with local birds and plants, including species, which are not easily seen elsewhere on the island. For example wild orchids, the Palabrua, the rare native barn owl. The Curaçao White Tailed deer (of which there are only about 250 left) and much more.

Ostrich Farm Visit the Curaçao Ostrich Farm and make use of this opportunity to see these fascinating birds up close. You will be able to touch them, feed them and even ride them (only for the most daring).

Aloe Vera Plantage The aloe vera has its origins in Africa and was introduced to the Caribbean during the slave trade era. The aloe vera was found on the island of Barbados, by botanist and explorer Philip Miller, who officially named the plant aloe barbadensis miller. He named the plant vera (the Latin word for true) because it is the most succulent among its species.

Porto Mari a beautiful sandy bay to be found on the private estate of Plantages “Porto Mari” on the west coast of our tropical island. It’s white coral sand beach, with clear and calm water, is a true paradise for waterlovers.

Jan Kok The landhouse of Jan Kok now is an art gallery of one of our famous artist Nena Sanchez.

Dolphin Suites Dolphin Suites is the first hotel in the Caribbean that is specifically designed to accommodate every type of guest, especially guests with special needs. You will find a brand new boutique hotel, yet at the same time fully wheelchair accessible. Located within walking distance from one of the most beautiful beaches of Curaçao, the Sea Aquarium Beach and surrounded by numerous restaurants, cozy beach bars and several possibilities for water sports.

What is Joseph Cares about?

“Joseph Cares” is a company on Curaçao specialized in services for tourists with special needs. Our services contain tours and transportation. We define ourselves as a company with high quality custom made services. Do you long for a tropical break from every day life? Take a look around.

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