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What is Joseph Cares?

Joseph Cares is a company on Curaçao specialized in services for tourists with special needs. Our services contain not only tours and transportation, but also hostess and guide services and the travel companion facility.

We define ourselves as a company with high quality custom made services. Joseph Cares gives you and your company the opportunity to experience freedom, adventure and culture in an accessible environment along with the help and assistance you might need. Our employees are determent to answer all your questions, giving you the best service possible and solving the obstacles you might experience, since you're in a totally new environment.

In the near future Joseph Cares will also offer specialized care, wellness and recreational services for you. Because Joseph knows from his own experience how important it is to go on a comfortable holiday that meets your personal needs.

Who is Joseph?

Joost Nauta (also known as Joseph), started his early life in 1971 with little perspective. He was raised with the idea he would not get older than five. As a result of his illness and difficult situation at home he lived in different homes until he was 21.

Now, Joost Nauta is 38 and the creator of Joseph Cares. He has a spinal muscle disease and is only able to move two fingers. Despite his physical situation he managed to be a very active businessman as well as a servant to the community in Holland and Curaçao. He is the managing director of Joseph Cares and the creator of Bordercross Academy, an empowerment program for physically challenged teenagers. Working with the main Dutch academic hospitals he teaches the teenagers to be motivated and inspired during a program in Holland and Curaçao.

In Holland Joseph is the owner and managing director of a certified home care organization, with offices in multiple cities. Because of his own experience in motivating himself and others he works as an independent trainer and coach for companies and their managers.

Being on Curaçao amongst the local people was a big part of the inspiration Joseph needed to accomplice his initiatives.

Was bedeutet Joseph Cares?

“Joseph Cares” ist ein Betrieb auf Curaçao, spezialisiert in Dienstleistungen für Touristen mit besonderen Bedürfnissen. Unsere Dienstleistungen enthalten Touren und Transport. Wir definieren uns als Unternehmen mit qualitative hochwertige kundegerichte Dienstleistungen. Verlangen Sie nach eine tropische Auszeit vom Alltag? Bitte blicken Sie hier herum.

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