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3. September 2010

Antillian Newspaper 24-04-2010

Willemstad- Joost Nauta owner and managing director of 'Joseph Cares' received a permit to transport tourists with a disability.As reported by the Communication- and Informationservice.

Lisa Dindial, the lieutenant governor, David Dick, the deputy of Economy and Tourism and Lesley Kuwas as representative of the commissioner of Infrastructure Anthony Godett have together given the permit to Nauta. From now on Nauta can transport people in wheelchairs and with other disabilities. The handover took place at the Renaissance Hotel. This site was specifically chosen because Nauta himself is in a wheelchair and certain places are difficult to reach for him.

For the same reason, he has dedicated his life to developing services on Curacao, so people with disabilities can come to Curacao as tourists and are able to explore and move around the island.

Nauta is allowed to operate three buses, these buses are entirely based on the requirements of the special users. The government has noticed that Nauta is interested in investing in the (home)care of Curacao and in expanding the services for tourists with special needs. For example, Joost Nauta has the idea to develop a hotel with all the facilities that a tourist with a disability might need, so that they can enjoy a nice holiday on Curacao.

Was bedeutet Joseph Cares?

“Joseph Cares” ist ein Betrieb auf Curaçao, spezialisiert in Dienstleistungen für Touristen mit besonderen Bedürfnissen. Unsere Dienstleistungen enthalten Touren und Transport. Wir definieren uns als Unternehmen mit qualitative hochwertige kundegerichte Dienstleistungen. Verlangen Sie nach eine tropische Auszeit vom Alltag? Bitte blicken Sie hier herum.

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